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Fandom's a Bitch, and so am I

The Fanbitch
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Welcome to the pop culture part of textualdeviance's brain. If you're primarily interested in my fandom stuff, you might want to friend this journal instead of that one, as that one is more personal, and thus I'm more likely to friend back here.

I talk about a lot of different things here: My favorite creative folks, movies, TV, books, games, music, etc. I tend toward typical geeky fare, but I do like a little bit of everything. My current obsession is the lovely and talented Andrew Lee Potts and his various works, particularly the silly little dino adventure show called Primeval. I'm also plenty into other things, primarily Warehouse 13, Eureka, Leverage, Fringe, BSG/Caprica, Lost and LOTR. (See below for a brief list of what I like.)

I also enjoy doing creative fan stuff-- Fic, vids, graphics, blah blah. Check the root URL for some sticky master list posts. Be forewarned that most of my fic is of a very graphic adult nature. If that's not your cuppa, move along...

I approach fandom (and pop culture in general) from a feminist and queer perspective, and have been known to get plenty verbose and opinionated on these subjects on occasion (don't get me started on Joss Whedon, for instance. ;) )

An assortment of my fandom/pop culture interests:

Currently-airing TV (in order of interest):
Game of Thrones
Warehouse 13
Criminal Minds
Being Human (UK)
The Borgias
True Blood
Downton Abbey

Past TV:
BBC's Robin Hood
Battlestar Galactica
Eleventh Hour
Law & Order Original Recipe (particularly the Lenny years)
Painkiller Jane

Also was previously into CSI, House and Supernatural, but they appear to have jumped the shark, so I'm moving on.

A few of my all-time favorites:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Brokeback Mountain
But I'm a Cheerleader
Drop Dead Gorgeous
John Hughes' teen angst oeuvre
Thelma and Louise
Mean Girls
A Mighty Wind
Repo Man
Gods and Monsters
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
The Dreamers
Happy Feet
The Ice Storm
Good Night, And Good Luck
Heavenly Creatures

Robert Asprin
Terry Pratchett
Alan Dean Foster
His Dark Materials


Back in my day we called it New Wave. Not sure what the kids are calling it these days, but I do rather like New Pornographers, The Shins, MGMT and a few other things that the young people of today enjoy. Not into brainless pop tarts, screamy emo/metal or macho, thuggish posturing (which, IMHO, includes most country), but I'll listen to most other stuff. My music collection is pretty vast.

I also like video games, although some probably don't consider me a gamer in the classic sense, as the kinds of games I like are rather limited (sims, rpgs, rts, rta, arcade-style.) Not into FPSs, hand-to-hand, sports, etc. I like my simulated violence to have a plot and purpose with it. And first-person perspective tends to give me a headache. I usually prefer PC games to console, because more of the stuff I like is on there. I also like non-video games, too. Most of my recent game time has been spent on LOTR Online, where I'm a hobbit minstrel on Landroval, but I've not had the bandwidth to go roaming there in quite some time.

I had a big fetish for Marvel's mutant titles in the mid-'80s (about the time Excalibur debuted, and the main X titles were involved in the Age of Apocalypse storyline.) I lost interest when they started up X-Force and some cretin who drew like chicken scratch started penciling. Other than that, my comic interest has been limited, unless you count watching SuperFriends on Saturday mornings when I was 8. Probably ripe for the digging again, I would suppose.